Captain America

My Unexpected Captain America Journey


In 2011, I penned a vision of Captain America with a turban and beard into a poster for New York City Comic Con. This inspired Fiona Aboud, a talented photographer to envision the 2-D image in the third dimension. She mentioned in passing that I maybe I should return next year dressed as Captain America to NYC Comic Con. I responded with an emphatic “No”.


This poster started it all

It took almost a year for me to get out of my own way and agree to Fiona’s request. The massacre at Milwaukee Gurudwara in August 2012 played a pivotal role in this saga. I responded to the tragedy by penning an op-ed in Seattle Times, ‘Op-ed: Wham. Bang. Pow. It’s time for a superhero to fight hate crimes.’

Fiona read this op-ed and made the request for me to don the Captain America uniform for a photoshoot. I hesitatingly agreed.

In June 2013, on a beautiful sunny day we stepped out for a memorable photoshoot lasting eight hours.

It has been an amazing journey since. I have travelled on missions in uniform to many places including the RNC convention in 2016, Presidential Inauguration, Women's march in Washington DC in 2017, schools, universities, companies across the nation.

Enjoy some of the highlights in this turbanful quintessential American journey including latest missions to NASA and Google.