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A Sikh & Hairy Tale: Cartoons Turbans and Superheroes | Sikhnet, Dec 4, 2018
Sikh Captain America says his mission is simple — fight hate and intolerance | CBC Radio, Sept 14, 2018
Sikh Captain America wants to break down racial barriers | King 5 NBC, Mar 2018
Sikh Captain America visits Highline students | Highline Times, Mar 2018
Sikh Captain America to visit Google, NASA, to champion diversity and ask 'what's your story?' | Fox 2 KTVU, Feb 2018
How ‘Sikh Captain America’ Is Responding To President-Elect Trump | Huffington Post, Nov 18, 2016
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How Buddhism Inspired this Sikh Cartoonist to Write to Donald Trump | Tricycle: The Buddhist Review, May 8, 2016
‘Sikh Captain America’ wears the superhero’s costume to fight intolerance — and Trump | Washington Post, May 6, 2016
Political postcards to Trump Tower: Cartoonist uses humor as weapon against campaign’s hate talk | NY Daily News, April 12, 2016
Why This Sikh Cartoonist Is Sending A Postcard To Trump Every Day | Huffington Post, Mar 22, 2016
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Fighting Enmity Against Sikhs With Art, Talks and Superhero Garb | Sept 19, 2014, New York Times
When Captain America Wears a Turban, What Does He Fight For? | Jan 2, 2014, The Atlantic


Wham! Bam! Pow! Sikh Captain American takes on prejudice in a turban | May 16, 2018, Conversation on KUOW Seattle with Bill Radke (Click Play to Listen)

We speak with Vishavjit Singh with Comixcast at the 2016 Republican National Convention about his mission to tackle hate with compassion.
Tim Dowd interviews the creator of Sikhtoons at Comic Con. A site helping combat discrimination against the Sikh culture through use of editorial cartoons.